Meet the People Dedicated to
Providing Superior Aftermarket Warranties

Our team of about 70 people is one of the most knowledgeable in the trucking industry. Our staff has experience from a variety of sectors, including OEMs, dealership management, used truck sales, mechanics, truck drivers and truck owners. Add to that group others with vast experiences in insurance, actuarials, data analytics and programming, brand marketing, and risk management. Now, toss in a handful of military veterans and two ex-policemen, and you have an outstanding team that knows how to protect customers’ assets. That’s what we do.

This team takes pride in its commitment to its customers, selling partners and repair facilities partners. We all know that we must row together to glide through the sometimes-choppy waters we face many days. We know playing as a team is the only way you get over the goal line and put points on the board. We know that hard work leads to success for everyone, and usually around here, a little fun, too. We’re good people who are with you every mile.

Executive Team

Wade Bontrager
CEO & President

Brian Krawczyk
Chief Operating Officer

David Lentz
Chief Financial Officer

Tim Ronan
Chief Marketing Officer

Geoff Stigler
Chief Commercial Officer