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Cover More than Liability and Physical Damage. Add Breakdown Coverage to Your Capabilities.

Hundreds of thousands of trucks are on the road, carrying traditional insurance products like collision, liability and personal injury. Protecting your insureds’ livelihood means providing those coverages that keep them on the road. But traditional insurance agents and brokers haven’t offered protection to cover breakdowns … until now.

We worked closely with industry experts to develop a special warranty program for insurance agents and transportation brokers that fits seamlessly into their existing programs and sales process. Adding warranty coverage to your insurance portfolio provides truck owners with the opportunity to buy a warranty when they buy own their truck, and not just when they are buying a used truck. And like traditional collision insurance, a Premium 2000+ warranty provides protection from paying thousands of dollars in repair costs when you have a major mechanical breakdown.

Why Is Warranty Coverage
Important to Your Customers?


Complements commercial insurance coverage by protecting your client from unforeseen downtime and expenses due to mechanical breakdown


Quoting is simple and can be included with any insurance proposal. We also offer financing options


Provides a vital business tool in managing the total cost-of-ownership of commercial heavy- and medium-duty trucks


Warranty is transferable, creating additional value for your client’s assets
(some restrictions apply)

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What Customers Say About
The #1 Best-Selling Warranty Brand

“The process was simple and smooth. Awesome warranty company.”

- Latorius W.

“Thanks for the fast response, and covering the items in my warranty plan. Premium 2000+ is very fast and understanding the importance of getting you back on the road. Just follow the instructions that they provide, and you will have no problem. Thanks again!”

- John F.

“The warranty I bought from them was excellent they paid all my repairs! One occasion I paid for the repair out of my pocket to get on the road ! Contacted them the next work day and they reimburse me !”

- Michael L.