About Premium 2000+ Canada

Premium 2000+ is a commercial truck warranty brand sold in Canada by Canadian Truck Protection ULC (CTP), a subsidiary of National Truck Protection Co. Inc. based in the United States. Prior to the formation of Canadian Truck Protection ULC in 2018, Premium 2000+ was sold in Canada through Gateway and had used truck dealership relationships throughout eastern Canada as well as at locations managed by US dealer partners. CTP has enjoyed strong growth throughout the entire country and now has hundreds of dealership and repair center partners serving thousands of warranty customers. In warranty provinces, warranties are issued by Canadian Truck Protection, ULC (a subsidiary of National Truck Protection Co., Inc.) In insurance provinces, policies are issued by Continental Casualty Company, produced by Canadian Truck Protection, ULC (a subsidiary of National Truck Protection Co., Inc.).

Premium 2000+ sales office is located in Quebec with Regional Sales Directors covering Western and Eastern provinces. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

Who We Serve

Premium 2000+ sells commercial truck warranties through used truck dealerships throughout Canada. We also have partnerships with hundreds of Preferred and Certified repair centers to take care of repair needs of our customers. For more information, select who you are: 


Premium 2000+ offers a variety of warranty programs that meet the business need of the owner-operator with some of the best components coverage of any warranty in North America.

All Canadian programs are presented in Canadian dollars and kilometers. We also have a variety of Canada-specific sales support and marketing materials available in English, French, and Punjabi translation. 

Our programs offered differ by province.  So far, details on our selling our programs and pricing in Eastern Canada, contact Claude St. Germaine at [email protected]. For Western Canada, contact Jonathan Nosbush at [email protected]. For general information on our programs and coverages, please visit Warranty Programs or Contact Us.

Claims and Repairs

Our Claims Process is designed and managed by an experienced staff of customer service reps and technical specialists to take care of our customers quickly so that can get their trucks repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.  Claims can be submitted 24/7 by email to [email protected] or through the customer’s personal portal. For more information and details, visit “Claims and Repairs.”

Now Take The Next Step. It's Easy.

Premuim 2000+ believes that your qualified, professional sales team will be very successful selling warranties. We are committed to providing your company with world-class training and dealer support. We offer these extensive programs and activities and can certify each of your salespeople – all at no cost to you!