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Premium 2000+ has been the go-to expert in aftermarket commercial truck warranties for nearly 25 years. When someone wants to know what’s going on in the industry, they ask our experienced team. Premium 2000+ also shares its knowledge to give owner operators tips on maintaining their equipment, what to consider when shopping for a warranty and even what to look for when buying a used truck.

Premium 2000+™ Learning Library

Special Report: How Used Truck Dealerships Can Maximize Inventory Profitability in 2020

  •  COVID-19’s Market Impact & Changing Shopping Trends
  • Mastering Trade-In Valuations & How To Set Your Prices Correctly
  • Organizing Your Inventory & The Power of Data to Increase Revenue
  • The Benefits of Auctions & How to Use Social Media & eMarketplaces
  • What Resellers Need to Know About Buyer Financing

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