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When you’re in the business of leasing trucks, you want assurance your assets and your customers’ businesses. A Premium 2000+ warranty attached to a leased medium- or heavy-duty vehicle gives everyone peace of mind that unforeseen mechanical failures will be taken care of so your truck is back on the road, earning money.

Premium 2000+ offers warranty programs with 6- to 48-month terms and a variety of components coverages that include engine, critical components, aftertreatment and more. Our strong reputation as a trusted partner with OEMs, independent dealers and insurance resellers has made Premium 2000+ the industry leader for aftermarket warranties for Class 3–8 commercial trucks. Let us know what you need, and we’ll build a program that works for you and your customers.

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Choosing Premium 2000+ as your warranty provider is a smart choice, protecting your leased vehicles and your customers’ businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading programs.

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“The process was simple and smooth. Awesome warranty company.”

- Latorius W.

“Thanks for the fast response, and covering the items in my warranty plan. Premium 2000+ is very fast and understanding the importance of getting you back on the road. Just follow the instructions that they provide, and you will have no problem. Thanks again!”

- John F.

“The warranty I bought from them was excellent they paid all my repairs! One occasion I paid for the repair out of my pocket to get on the road ! Contacted them the next work day and they reimburse me !”

- Michael L.