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When a Financed Truck Has a Warranty

There’s nothing more exciting for an owner operator than buying a new (used) truck. And most of the time, they are financing their truck as part of their business. The value of adding a warranty to the truck purchase for the financial partner and the truck owner is peace of mind. It assures both of them that, when a major repair is needed, the owner operator can have their truck repaired and get back on the road quickly, where they earn their living. And for the lender, they know the owner is protected, so payments can be paid on time. A Premium 2000+ warranty protects their truck, their livelihood  and both parties’ businesses.

An Investment Designed to Pay for Itself

When the lifetime of a heavy-duty truck is one million miles or more, it’s inevitable that it will need a major equipment repair. Don’t let your clients risk their business by not having an Premium 2000+ warranty.

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Programs for Financial Partners.

Premium 2000+ works with some of the most popular lenders in the trucking industry. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

What They Say About Us

“It was great to have this company stand behind the warranty! This was a very stressful time for me and it was handled professionally. The help through this was top notch!”

Owner Operator

“The quality of the relationship we have with this extended truck warranty company, from their management to their sales reps, is one of trust and respect. If you have a business partner you trust and who trusts you…that’s true magic.”

Director - Used Truck Operations