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Premium 2000+® has been providing dependable aftermarket warranty programs for  the medium- and heavy-duty used commercial truck industry for more than 25 years. Single truck and small fleet owner operators trust Premium 2000+ to stand behind every program we offer. We don’t hide behind them in an attempt to not pay for our customers’ repairs. If your failure is covered, we’ll pay to get it repaired. In fact, we pay tens of millions of dollars in repairs every year to get our loyal customers back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. After all, this is your livelihood we’re talking about. 

When you buy a used truck or keep driving the one you own today, an eventual equipment failure is inevitable. And while some are a minor annoyance of a couple hundred dollars, others can cost thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars and be financially devastating if you don’t have the savings, or a warranty. That’s why having a warranty with a solid reputation is worth the small investment for the long run. 

WHEN you need help, our experienced customer service team can be reached through your personal self-service portal, by email, or by phone. And no matter WHERE you are when your equipment decides to fail, we’ll search our repair facility network of 5,000+ shops to find a location that’s convenient for you. Then, we’ll work with the repair center to review WHAT your problem is and get covered repairs started immediately so you can get your business moving again. Simply said, our business is to keep you in business.

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Major Repairs Can Cost You

*SOURCE: Actual claims paid by National Truck Protection

Turbo failed caused progressive damage to the engine & aft system. Paid out claim - $6,900


Engine liners and piston rings seized & oil cooler failed. Paid out claim - $12,841


One Box failed in Aftertreatment system. Paid out claim - $5,906


Bearing failed causing progressive damage to the transmission. Paid out claim - $7,150


Check engine light on and low power with faculty low fuel pressure. Paid out claim - $4,632


Injectors passing oil and fuel without holding pressure. Paid out claim - $4,650


Broken piston rings with scored liners and carbon on pistons. Paid out claim - $12,520


It’s Not If. It’s When.
So Why Drive Unprotected?

A Simple Definition of a Warranty:
Coverage. Term. Conditions.

*Covered components and conditions vary by program.

Aftermarket extended warranties offer a variety of programs that cover repair costs for critical truck components and equipment beyond the original equipment manufacturer’s initial term. Buying this coverage provides essential protection as trucks grow older and gives you peace of mind that when a failure occurs. But choosing the right warranty can be tricky, so understanding the basics is very important.

Warranty protection can be simplified into three key areas:

For choosing the components you want to cover, think of your truck’s age and miles, the history of previous repairs (if you know), and how you use it for work. You want to cover it for catastrophic failures that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Without that coverage, you could find yourself without a truck, and maybe without a business. Covering major equipment like engine, aftertreatment systems and critical components is a must. 

The term you choose really depends on how old your truck is and how long you’ll keep it. One thing you should know is that buying a longer-term warranty can save you thousands of dollars because a second or third year is much less expensive than the first year. So if you can, buy a 24- or 36-month warranty.

Also, look closely at the conditions. What are your limits of liability on major parts? What deductible amount do you pay for each repair occurrence? And finally, how are progressive damage and wear out covered? Not all warranty programs are created equal, and understanding the options can get confusing. But always remember that a warranty is protecting your investment, your business, and your livelihood. Don’t take the risk of not being protected.

Choose The Program To Protect Your Business

Premium 2000+ offers three warranty programs designed to meet every customer’s need, from the most comprehensive to the most basic

Our most comprehensive warranty program, offering NO LIMITS ON REPAIR COSTS* for most major components, and more comprehensive coverages on progressive damage and wearout. You won’t find a better plan in the industry.

Just a step below the SUPREME program, with generous limits of liability and more than 100 major components covered, it's our most popular warranty.

This program is the most basic coverage for engine, aftertreatment and critical components. It's the minimum coverage any truck owner should have to protect their business.

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“Premium 2000+ has been a stand-up partner for us in this first year with our truck. We strive for impeccable maintenance and record keeping. When we have a problem, we have it checked out ASAP. I would surely recommend these guys and, if the time comes again and we’re looking to buy again, they will be our first consideration.”

Jeff W.
Truck Owner

“When a customer comes in with a really bad repair, the last thing they want is for the claims approval to drag out. They want to get back on the road. Premium 2000+ does a great job at standing behind their warranty, approving repair costs quickly and staying in touch with the customer.”

Sinbad Logistics

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