New Light and Medium Duty Warranty Programs

Our NEW Class 2-7 Light and Medium Duty Warranty Programs are the most comprehensive programs in the commercial truck industry:

  • The most equipment coverage options and mileage ranges.
  • The only aftermarket warranty provider who covers the growing Class 2 segment!

Your customers can choose the warranty coverage that best fits their business.

  • CLASS 2 vehicles, like delivery vans.
  • DIESEL and GAS vehicles coverage.
  • LOW MILEAGE options for Class 2-4 of 12,000 and 25,000 annual miles.
  • NEW LOWER MILEAGE option for Class 5-7 of 25,000 annual miles.
  • Added KNOCK SENSORS and MAP SENSOR under Engine covered components.
  • Added TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE (TCM) and SPEED SENSOR under Trans & Rears covered components.

Carrying our Light and Medium Duty programs gives you the opportunity to generate more profits by attaching a Premium 2000+ warranty to every commercial truck you sell, in every Class. And, you’ll get peace of mind that the most trusted warranty company in the industry will take care of your customers when major equipment fails.


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