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Historically, our warranty programs have been offered and sold in the used truck department, as there is an immediate need for a buyer of a used truck, especially those units where the OEM Drive Train Component Warranties have expired. The used truck buyer realizes the huge potential out-of-pocket expenses and income losses that can suddenly occur when a catastrophic failure strikes his business. His business is powered by the major power and driveline components of his truck. When he can’t haul his load because of the time and expense of a failure, he stands to lose everything. So he is offered a Premium 2000+™ Warranty at the time of sale, and he is covered in case the unexpected happens. And it does!

However, a tremendous Customer Service opportunity exists. Ten (10) times as many truck owners enter your Service Department as compared to your Used Truck Department. Of these many trucks a large percentage have no warranty protection; their factory warranty has expired by either time or miles (or both). Some are having costly repairs to the very components that are part of our Premium 2000+™ Warranty Programs coverages. Many of these truck owners believe that when factory coverage expires no other options exist. Premium 2000+™ provides solutions.

The only restrictions are the age (current model year plus 9) and mileage (less than 900,000 miles) of the truck. If the truck meets these qualifications an income opportunity for the dealership presents itself — not to mention the potential repair savings for the truck owner. You can offer that customer an extended warranty just like the one offered in the New and Used Truck Sales Departments. An inspection to covered components wil be necessary since the truck is not “Retail Ready” (as if you were prepping for sale on your lot) and the inspection report will require approval by the Premium 2000+™ Management Team. Most inspection submittals are passed — those that are rejected may only require cursory repairs for passing — and you have profitted from the inspection (which is paid by the customer) and the markup you determine for the warranty sale. Remember that this opportunity exists for every model of commercial truck and power. Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, Maxxforce, etc… no exclusions or surcharges exist for component choice.

Customer Retention continues as an industry buzzword. We all know it is much less expensive to retain customers then it is to constantly advertise for new ones. Premium 2000+™ Warranty Programs are among the best retention “tools” in your “tool box”. When service and repair work becomes necessary the truck owner who purchased our extended coverage from you thinks of you first for that work. Soon that truck owner buys all his trucks, parts, services, and repairs from you — it only makes sense.

We train service writers as to how to offer our programs, disclose all facets and complete the necessary forms… and its all simple and quick. We provide signage, point-of-sale posters, brochures and application forms — we help you create awareness. Our 24/7/365 Claims Staff of certified diesel mechanics is the most respected group of its kind in the industry. They guide claimants and repair facilities through each step of the claims process looking for a positive outcome to a component failure situation. Retention of our customers is as important to us as it is to you. Repair invoices are paid promptly upon completion by credit card, bank wire or corporate check, whatever is preferred. As an enrollee of Premium 2000+™ Service Plus claimants with needed repairs in your part of the country will be directed to your facility for diagnosis and covered repairs.

Offering a Premium 2000+™ Warranty Program to your service customers is easy — they are already in your facility. This opportunity could easily add $12 – $15,000 a month or more in Additional Profit to your department without adding additional staff or other investment. A Premium 2000+™ Area Manager can get you completely set up and trained in less than an hour.

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"Simply said, we’re here to help keep drivers on the road so they can earn a living."

Wade Bontrager

CEO, National Truck Protection®/Premium 2000+™

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