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Over 2,300+ Quality Dealerships across the United States and Canada have enrolled in our program. Read below to see what some of them have to say about us, and contact us today to learn how you can be a part of our growing group!

“I wanted to let you know I received the credit card information and the customer is on his way back on the road. I also wanted to thank you for such a great experience with Premium 2000 Warranty. This is the first time I have ever had a customer with this warranty. Usually as a service writer, you think “aftermarket warranty” this will be a mess, it was not at all. It could not have been more easy for us and your customer. Thank you again for your help and hope we will see some more of your customers in our shop.”

Cindy Boroch
Cummins Sales & Service
Williamsport PA

“You folks are doing a great job taking care of my customers and that is the reason I use P2K more than any other warranty provider. The registration submission process is simple and I rarely hear of my customers having an issue getting a claim paid. Keep the process easy, the prices competitive, and the claims fair and you will continue to get all my aftermarket business.”

Matthew McGill
Retail Sales at Navistar

“We received the warranty refund check today and I just wanted to say thank you for working with us on this problem. It is nice to work with companies that understand the crazy things that can happen and are willing to work with us.”

Dave Tarr
Truck Enterprises

“Thank you! It is so nice to do business with your company. This is just a part of why Premium is so successful. Everything is not just black or white. You all look at what is best for a win/win and not just the Buck!”

Danny Everhart
Advantage Trucks

“Thank you for your assistance in this file along with your co-operation as well. Premium’s professionalism and customer service is the main reason for our association with your organization.”

Steve Barillaro
Ryder Vehicle Sales Manager

“Thank you, and it is a privilege to work with your company again. The professionalism and process your company has shown from previous work history has been, for lack of better terms, best than most warranty companies. In fact I always direct customers and salesmen to check into Premium2000 when they ask such questions.”

Brandon Perry Service
Summit Truck Group

“I appreciate that you allowed us to work through the issue and come to a fair resolution. I will make sure our shop understands their reporting obligations with respect to the warranty moving forward. Again, thank you for your time, attention, and reasonable attitude with regard to this warranty. It is much appreciated.”

James P. Vitale, Esq.
Vice President
Tri-Mor, Corp.
Cem-Base, Inc.
NAJ Trucking, Inc. dba Mean J Trucking

“I am the asset manager at Trans Advantage, Inc., which is the equipment arm for United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. I have been manager of the new and used truck department for the past 9 years and manage an asset portfolio of approximately 15 million dollars of inventory per year.

We have included extended warranties on our used trucks as an added feature to distinguish ourselves from the other truck dealers that we compete with. Over the years we have used all OEM engine warranties including Caterpillar Advantage, Cummins Encore and Detroit P3 coverages to cover any unexpected after delivery engine repairs. Unfortunately, each of these have become increasingly more difficult to get an engine to qualify for coverage, increasingly less user friendly and pricing has almost tripled from several years ago.

We began looking for alternatives several years ago and discovered several aftermarket programs but many required expensive inspections and dyno runs to qualify. When we looked at Premium 2000 we had some hesitation due to the requirements of including an oil additive to qualify and the need for the customers to keep all documentation of services.

As the others programs became more expensive and covered less at every turn, we finally decided to try the Premium 2000 coverage. We were pleasantly surprised to find that by then, the oil additive requirement had been dropped and additional coverages were available including Injector, turbo and water pump coverage. The inspections were already incorporated into our reconditioning program so it was an easy plan to include the 2 year 200,000 mile coverage into the cost of our used trucks. Additionally, our sales staff was able to offer upgrades to customer at time of sale.

The real bonus is that Premium 2000 will cover the other drivetrain components for a reasonable fee and midrange engines also had their own matrix.

Today, we offer Premium 2000 on every used truck we sell and have had nothing but positive feedback from our sales staff and customers.

Thank you for your support of the Used Truck business.”

Ted Yahl
Manager, Asset Management
Trans Advantage, Inc.

"Excelling at customer service, having great relationships with service centers and managing claims quickly for covered components is very important to us, because it’s important to the drivers."

Wade Bontrager

CEO, National Truck Protection®/Premium 2000+™

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