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Electronic Application Submittal:

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DocuSign is a per use service which Premium 2000+™ provides for instant verifiable signatures and warranty details. Please refrain from using unless your Warranty information is complete, final, and ready to submit directly to Premium 2000+™. Partial fill-ins or printing early causes a “token” to be spent and central office will not receive a partially filled form.


If you are a first time user to DocuSign, please click the link below to download and print a step-by-step guide.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact us.

Printable Step-by-step guide to using DocuSign


*If you would like to manually fill out the warranty paperwork and submit via fax, mail or email please use the PDF documents below*


NationaLease Warranty Program Downloads (PDFs):

NationaLease Warranty Program (Low Mileage Program) — Print > Fill > Sign > Submit all to

NationaLease Warranty Program (Benchmark Program) — Print > Fill > Sign > Submit all to


NationaLease Low Mileage – Rate Card

NationaLease Benchmark – Rate Card

NationaLease Medium Duty – Rate Card

NationaLease Covered Components Card


NationaLease PACCAR MX- Contract

NationaLease PACCAR MX- Rate Card



"A warranty company exists to pay claims. That is our business. Without claims we have no place in the market!"

Lynn Murphy

President Premium 2000+™ Warranties